Authoring multimedia at the National Elk Refuge

NatlElkRefuge-twitter-elkThis week I’ve been working with a colleague at the National Elk Refuge. We’ve been planning and learning a few new  multimedia and social media tools. By the end of the week we launched a new Twitter feed for the refuge at (or simply follow @NatlElkRefuge if you’re already on Twitter). On day 1, the feed was adding 10 new followers.

We also mastered the craft of authoring multimedia presentations with Soundslides Plus, a cross-platform tool designed for authoring fast-turnover projects.

Our production this week was focused on the annual collection of and auctioning off of shed elk antlers. You can view and share the “Boy Scout Antler Auction” presentation with this simple embed code:

The show is also directly embedded in WordPress and similar sites using “frames” code, a more universal way share a presentation that relies on HTML5 and is IOS friendly.

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