Yes, I see kangaroos in the wild, for the first time. But only because I laughed with the kookaburras.

I had stopped by my car at the beach and in the trees above I heard kookaburras laughing for the first time. Their laughter booms and cackles, shockingly loud, as if the whole hillside was laughing, yet weirdly familiar, since this is the background soundtrack that Hollywood added to Tarzan films when they wanted to “jungle up” a scene.

It’s also contagious and immediately, uncontrollably, I laughed out loud with the kookaburras.

Next to me a local was exiting his Land Cruiser to walk his dog on the beach. He seemed a bit put-off by my solo laughing.

I explained, I was new here, from the U.S., and it was the first time I heard kookaburras laughing.

“Seen kangaroos yet?” he asked.

I said no and he grabbed a stick and drew a map in the sand.

I drove off to where the speed limit changed to 70 kmh, turned right on Hart Road, and there they were, a herd of ginormous rabbits. As they began to hop in unison, I couldn’t help myself from laughing, again.


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