The forest and the trees

From the Three Sisters viewpoint in the Blue Mountains, the eucalypt forest (and pockets of rainforest) stretch below. Charles Darwin walked this rim in January 1836 and it’s at this stage of his journey, as noted in The Voyage of the Beagle, that he first begins to note the questions that would evolve into evolutionary theory. […]


In the Kimberley, studying bushfires

While helping ignite a “hot fire” to support research on savanna burning in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The question: if more fires are burnt in the cool season (cool fires) instead of when they typically burn (in the late season when it’s drier and hotter), how might reduce the overall carbon impact that […]


Yes, I see kangaroos in the wild, for the first time. But only because I laughed with the kookaburras. I had stopped by my car at the beach and in the trees above I heard kookaburras laughing for the first time. Their laughter booms and cackles, shockingly loud, as if the whole hillside was laughing, […]


Current Resume – Ron Steffens

Download PDF – Resume, Ron Steffens Ron Steffens 01 541 404 8884   |  | Academic Appointment Fire Management (May–August) Winter (September-May) Associate Professor of Communications Green Mountain College Poultney, VT  05764541 404 Fire Monitor Fire Management Office Grand Teton National Park Moose, WY 83012307 739 Teaching (online) & Writing […]



CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. TSA screener to woman, O’Hare: “You’ll need to step over here. Your sweater has too much glitter for the machine.” TEMPE, ARIZONA. Young barrista to her colleague at hip Tempe coffee house. “I hate dancing with older people. They know all the moves.”