6 steps to a Twitter feed on green social media

… or #green SM for short … 

My goal

  • To use Twitter to teach Twitter.
  • To create a series of annotated links that guide a social-mediated conversation on how SM can support green and environmental initiatives. So I turned to Twitter for real-world micro-blogging advice.

6 Steps

  1. Create a Twitter account. You can use Twitter online in your browser, use the many versions of the Twitter app, or download helper software. I use TweetDeck — now a Twitter app. Some folks prefer HootSuite.
  2. Use the Twitter search tool to check if there’s already a hashtag on the topic you’re interested in learning more about and sharing information on. I found “greensocialmedia,” but decided not to use that, as it was a bit long (using up too many of my 140 characters) and many of the posts already published were not in English, my primary (and nearly my only) language.
  3. I tested #greenSM.” There are earlier posts that focus on green smoothies, but mostly those were fading. So I chose #greenSM.
  4. I found the first Tweet focused on #greenSM,” chose to retweet it, and selected “Edit the retweet” (the “edit” option is not always offered). Then I added a few of my own comments and the #greenSM hashtag. (And hashtags are simply a tag that is so noted with a # (hash) mark in front of it. Searching is much easier with the #hashtag.)
  5. Once I have a few tweets in place, I then set up a list (titled “Green SM”) and in the list I narrowed members to me, language to English, and search term as #greenSM. The Tweet-coded version looks like this: #greenSM lang:en list:steffensr/greenSM
  6. Then, in TweetDeck, I use the “sharing” button to create an embeddable widget. Tweetdeck opens the widget editor in Twitter, and I I created a widget using the Green SM list and the #greenSM hashtag search term. (Note: deselect the button for “Safe Search Mode,” as apparently some of my hashtags or language was racier than I imagined.) Once the widget is created, I moved to my WordPress post editor, switched the editor from “Visual” to “Text”, and copy/pasted the widget code in the Text box, which preserves most HTML code (and also allows Javascript for approved sites like Twitter).

The Result


  1. Brion Dickens says:

    Found the site

    • steffensr says:

      Great to have you here. There’s a “secret” site I’ll invite you all into later today, to test out your CMS and WordPress techniques. More by Thursday evening.

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