Authoring multimedia at the National Elk Refuge


This week I’ve been working with a colleague at the National Elk Refuge. We’ve been planning and learning a few new  multimedia and social media tools. By the end of the week we launched a new Twitter feed for the refuge at (or simply follow @NatlElkRefuge if you’re already on Twitter). On day 1, the […]


Twitter-week: shutdown, tragedies and humor

Twitter screenshot US government NPS shutdown

The Twitter-verse in this first week of October of the first week of the October 2013 government shutdown offers a few timely applications and insights on Twitter as a social-media sharing tool. We find news, alerts, tragedy and humor. Twitter in the news Twitter reveals, in its ramp-up to an IPO launch, that it only […]


6 steps to a Twitter feed on green social media

… or #green SM for short …  My goal To use Twitter to teach Twitter. To create a series of annotated links that guide a social-mediated conversation on how SM can support green and environmental initiatives. So I turned to Twitter for real-world micro-blogging advice. 6 Steps Create a Twitter account. You can use Twitter […]


Burning a Forest to Save It –

Fire in the news… Burning a Forest to Save It – Controlled burning of grasslands and forests has been used for thousands of years to stimulate plant germination, replenish the ground with valuable nutrients, thin out trees and burn dry pine needles and tree limbs on the ground. When humans were not intentionally setting […]


The forest and the trees

Eucalypt forest on the rim of Three Sisters. Katoomba, NSW. Australia.

From the Three Sisters viewpoint in the Blue Mountains, the eucalypt forest (and pockets of rainforest) stretch below. Charles Darwin walked this rim in January 1836 and it’s at this stage of his journey, as noted in The Voyage of the Beagle, that he first begins to note the questions that would evolve into evolutionary theory. […]